In the heart of Paris

77, boulevard Saint-Germain,

Imagine a unique place,
combining the two fundamentals of
the No. 1 in Personalised Skincare Brand:
high technology and the know-how of our skin experts.
Welcome to the first Boutique IOMA in Paris !

The Boutique IOMA Paris it's :

  • In the middle, a texture bar in the shape of a cruise liner, painted in white gloss and hand-built, where you can discover and assess IOMA’s cult skincare and new products.
  • At the sides, two IOMA Sphère 2 devices where you can have a beauty check-up in less than 20 minutes: your skin is scanned, using micro and macro measurements to read your skin deep down to a level invisible to the naked eye and generate skincare recommendations that best protect skin and delay the effects of time. A unique and bespoke response for each skin that takes account of its past and what it has experienced.
  • Opposite, is the majestic IOMA Factory, a highly sophisticated miniature formulation factory that, in less than 5 minutes, designs MA CRÈME, Day or Night version, a bespoke skincare chosen from among 171 million possible formulas. An ultra-modern camera process allows you to watch this bespoke skincare being made before your very eyes.

Also available in all Marionnaud and Beauty Success Institutes

Cabine Care Area

Cabine Care Area

Within the ambiance of Boutique IOMA Paris, our skin experts offer you skincare or body treatments tailored to your needs. It is a chance to test the savoir-faire and special touch of IOMA – high-tech beauty solutions complemented with the manual expertise of our aestheticians. Because your skin is unique, your ideal treatment will be recommended based on your diagnosis.

Some of these treatments are also available in Beauty Success and Marionnaud partner institutes.

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