Dull complexion: how can I improve skin radiance?


What is skin that lacks radiance?

Dull skin can be recognized through its uneven appearance: the complexion looks cloudy, almost grey. Pigmentation spots can also appear on the face, these spots darken when exposed to UV rays.
A dull complexion makes you look tired and older than you really are.

What makes skin dull?

Our skin reflects both our lifestyle and the care we take of it.

Poor cleansing can cause an uneven complexion. When cleansing is not deep and thorough, not all the impurities on the face are removed and the skin cannot breathe properly, causing blemishes to appear.
Pollution also affects skin radiance because it causes the proliferation of dead cells and slows down blood circulation.
Diet has a major impact on the appearance of skin, responsible for eliminating toxins. Too much alcohol, fatty or processed food disrupts skin balance and can cause the appearance of redness, blemishes and loss of radiance. Sugar can speed up skin ageing as it stiffens collagen and elastin, which are responsible for skin density and elasticity.

The appearance of the brown spots which give skin an uneven appearance is predominantly the result of extensive exposure to the sun. The skin itself produces parasol molecules to protect itself, but significant exposure to UV rays causes a disrupts skin balance: these molecules are then produced in excessive quantities, which leads to the appearance of pigmentation spots.

What beauty routine should I follow?

• Cleanse skin thoroughly

To start, skin radiance largely depends on cleansing.
Double cleansing is highly recommended to boost skin radiance; it is the most important part of a beauty routine and prepares skin to receive other skin care treatments and ensures that it is well oxygenated.

• Exfoliate

After cleansing skin, applying a facial scrub once or twice a week is the perfect way to eliminate dead cells and restore radiance. The scrub restores skin softness and radiance whilst eliminating imperfections. Exfoliation preserves skin elasticity, meaning that skin youthfulness is preserved.

• Apply a night mask:

Radiant skin is skin that is well nourished and hydrated. Your skin regenerates during the night. Applying a night treatment is therefore an effective way to restore a bright complexion.
The Vitality Sleeping Mask is a cream night mask which diffuses an optimal concentration of active ingredients as you sleep to boost the skin. The result is visible on waking: your complexion is fresh and radiant. Nourished, your skin is regenerated and protected for the day.

• Sun protection:
Daily sun protection helps to prevent the appearance of brown spots and to ensure that those already present do not get any darker.
Touch&Protect is a hydrating cream providing high protection against dehydration and sun protection in one. Its ultra-practical packaging means that it is easy to use, wherever you are.
Cell Protector is a skin care treatment offering protection against UVA/UVB rays and environmental stress to ensure perfect protection against all external stresses (UVA/UVB rays, pollution, climate, and diet).

The best IOMA skin care treatments to brighten your complexion.

Serum Vitality Shot is a smoothing treatment that recreates skin radiance instantly and durably. Enriched with vitamins, this serum is a protective shield against pollution and makes fine lines disappear. Your skin is energized and protected.

Serum Youth Pearl Essence is a hydrating treatment that reduces and prevents the appearance of pigment spots, fine lines and wrinkles to restore radiant, even skin. This Lumière serum has radiance, anti-wrinkle and antioxidant action. Marks are less visible: the complexion is more even, uniform and brighter, skin glows and looks younger.